Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gary Savage: Charlatan extraordinare

Having got  couple of calls remotely correct, Gary Savage is once again his usual arrogant self. Talking about how he "understands" cycles while constantly peddling his useless newsletter.

Here are some glimpses of his past brilliance.

What actually happened?

Dude you nailed the exact opposite of what was going to happen.

A little later

Look at the price of SPX in 2016....LOL.....You only missed by 1,000 points Gary.

But wait. It gets better.
Here is Gary's Gold forecast from the same link.

$3,200. LoL dude. You missed by an even bigger $2,100. You sure you did not need a bigger chart.
Nothing sells subscriptions like this shit.

Here is another one. One year later.

Gary is so fucking retarded that he does not get that volume increases when stocks go down. What would happen if you bought NUGT in Jan 2014? You would have lost 99% by now.
There is a lot more entertainment on his website, which if I were him, I would take down soon. Because no one in their right mind would subscribe to this "100% accurate" arrogant dick after reading that.


  1. LOL.
    Stock portfolio +17% in 14 months
    Metal portfolio +51% in 14 months
    Currency portfolio +6% in 14 months
    Quest portfolio +1100% in 14 months

    I rest my case.

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    2. You are kidding a "bit". :) Quest is almost destroyed already. What about AP you “managed” to almost to zero?

  2. Yeah after running several people and theories to zero.
    How about from the beginning? That 5 year bear market decimated a lot of your Gold going to the moon, QE destroying the economy, stock market tanking ideas did it not? Was that all paper money?

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